Sometime last year I pinged out on twitter what people thought were appropriate collective nouns for 'hackers'. There are a few that had done the rounds, the rest are collected here from various people.

I don't know why I didn't post this last year, but the conversation came up again on twitter (thanks @wireghoul).. so in no particular order, here they are!

A Cloud @mikeforbes
An Array @wince84 & @Ar0xA & @wireghoul
A Murder @VirtualTal (plus some offline peeps .. I'm unsure what these people are trying to say..)
A Cruft @bringer128 - apparently the top GOOG hit, from Eric S. Raymond (Thanks @wireghoul)
A Gaggle @Kxyne
A Con @lordparody (and a Conartist - the guy who does the advertising? - @silviocesare)
A 'Know-it-all' @TheColonial
A Vendor @TheColonial
A Buffer @TheColonial
A Fnord @TheColonial
A Fumble @TheColonial
A Heap @andrew_barratt & @wireghoul
A Drunkard @nanomebia
An Overflow @mdjnewman & @RobertWinkel & @sintixerr
A Cough @luddite_sue
A Permute (or Permutation) @TomSellers
A Cacophony @TheColonial < OJ is on a roll
A Horde @0x6D6172696F
A Kernel @TheColonial < he's pretty much unstoppable at this point
A Conference @jack_daniel
A Corporation @jack_daniel
A Trouble @jack_daniel
A Shot @TheColonial
A Bottle @TheColonial
A Crawl @TheColonial
A Hangover @TheColonial < now he's just saying random words...
A Bastard @rich0H
A Mischief @pipes
An Ugh @OaklandElle
A Heckle @Jofo
A Slosh @OaklandElle
A Coven @thedarktangent
A Den @thedarktangent
A Conspiracy @thedarktangent
A Hive @0x6D6172696F < you can see Mario is keen on alliteration.
A Schadenfreude @TheColonial < yep, OJ has lost his marbles.
An Escalation @nopulent
A Litre (41337R3) @Joflixen
A Disagreement @bonsaiviking
A Hacki @ethicalhack3r < although .. I'm unsure if this is what I think it means?
An Intrusion @psiinon
A Gaggle @securitysetup
An Exploit @hacks4pancakes
'Anonymous' @fabiospelta
A Packet @astcell
A 'Defcon' (According to Maria at the Rio @0x7eff
A Cluster Fuck @mattrix_
A Spoof @sintixerr
An AND @sintixerr
A Curiosity @sintixerr
A Flood @sintixerr
A Leet @munin
A Set @_ZPH
A Bar @dhw

Bonus points to @wireghoul for nominating that it's obviously a 'ring' of phreakers.

UPDATE 12:02pm
A cyber .. thanks 0x1c

UPDATE 12:52pm 13th June
A Stack @CaptainQwark and @greymaiden
A Hash @JPatONeil
A System @wireghoul (Did I miss this last time? can't remember)
A Packet @greymaiden (Once again, surprised this didn't come up last time)
"A Fix A Patch A Root A Snark Or, like alcohol, a Solution" -@marasawr < hahaha
A Bus @dlitchfield (Dave was surprised this hadn't come earlier too)
"A 2600 of hackers, a hacker collective, a community... ...actually, it depends on how they're organized (if at all)" -@XioNYC
A Foo @carmoca
A Kludge, an 'optimise' @mhackling
A Glitch, a Brood @pegasusepsilon (A Brood sounds like vampires?)
A Clan, a Band @paulpols

As is highlighted, this list could potentially go on .. FOREVER EVER ever ever...