Security articles I flagged (for fun or .. whatnot):

Are You Practicing Safe Coding? - Personally I have a love/hate relationship with these style of infographics, this one in particular is almost like a flattened marketing/slidedeck. Eh. Anyway, this image does hold a lot of stats in a single place, and does have a fairly open call to action to check out the rest of Veracode's stuff. (Oh, and don't forget that infographics are ruining the web).

HowTo: Extract 'hidden' API-hooking BHO DLLs - Ever had a chance to play with Volatility? If you haven't definitely check it out. Great way to analyse volatile memory. This tute walks through trying to find a malicious browser helper object hooked into IE performing some nasty mitb stuff.

Turn a Bra Underwire into a Lock Pick - Need I say more? This is a security article AND an awesome party trick!

10 Evil User Tricks for Bypassing AV - Thanks to @mubix's #sharedlinks.

Cross Device Attacks using Cloud Sync (iCloud example) - Nitesh writes up another Apple-esque security article. This time looking at how whilst iOS is generally considered a secure platform, when you introduce syncing applications you introduce a weaker link in the chain, namely, a desktop computer. This is compounded when you're using syncing applications for business processes, which are also then synced to your crappy out of date home PC. All this and more! (read the article ya slackers).

Hacker Blackmailed 350 Women into Stripping on their Webcams - .. Social engineering .. what can't it do?

Security flaws in UPnP - millions at risk - When the R7 guys aren't making MSF kick ass, they do security research. This is unlikely the first time you've heard about this issue as it's done the rounds lately. I'm aware they offer some self-test tools now too if you want to check if you're vulnerable.

.. The rest of these are not so security focused (but .. sort of..).

Awesome secret drawer - Watch the embedded Vimeo - this wooden chest with the hidden drawer is fantastic.

Poor Sleep Prevents Brain from Storing Memories - I have a pretty shocking memory. Sometimes I don't sleep too well. I'm not really convinced in my case these issues are related.. but, interesting research regardless.

Eddie Adams' Pulitzer Winning Image - This well known (and super powerful) photo from Feb 1st 1968, Vietnam. There's not many art forms where the power of your creation is something which even you as the creator can't bear to face. Interesting insight into the image and the impact it had on society and the photographer.

MS embracing (Open Source) Git - I found the MS article provided a much clearer picture of their intents, and their approach to open source software, especially compared to the original article.